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Bus Services Inc offers several buses and vans that utilize an alternative fuels in place of traditional gas or diesel fuel systems.  Compressed natural gas (CNG) and propane fueled buses are the most popular alternative fuel vehicles.  

PROPANE - You are probably most familiar with it as a fuel for your gas barbecue grill and home appliances. Propane powers hundreds of thousands of vehicles, with numbers increasing weekly. Many fleets are utilizing the clean, green energy of propane power—from taxis and school buses to police cars, and it has been used worldwide for over 80 years.  Propane is also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and is a by-product of natural gas and crude oil refining. With an infrastructure of pipelines plus processing storage facilities, propane is way ahead of the learning curve regarding efficient distribution.

Bus Service provides a COMPLETE Alternative Fuel Solution: The bus - the fueling - the support
•           Most cost effective alternative technology on the market today, lower cost than a diesel to operate
•           Bi-fuel technology allows you to run on propane or gasoline and it is Automatic:
•           Available on the Ford 5.4L, or 6.8L gasoline engine, also available on the Chevrolet 6.0L engine
•           Large fuel capacities available: Up to 55 gallons in addition to the OEM fuel tank
•           On-Site fuel stations for little or no cost to you
•           Lock in your low fuel price for up to 2 years
•           Best fuel mileage of any alternative fuel and available nationwide

COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS (CNG) - CNG Conversion are rapidly becoming the nation's largest alternative energy fuels used for vehicle transportation
•           Dedicated fuel systems allow operators to continuously lower fuel cost and produce zero exhaust emissions
•           Available on the Ford 5.4L, or 6.8L gasoline engine, also available on the Chevrolet 6.0L engine
•           Fuel tank design allows it to fit for numerous vehicle sizes and applications
•           Large fueling station infrastructure allows for numerous fill sites
•           Available for personal and commercial use nationwide

SIMPLE! Transparent to Operate, Easy Filling, Very Low Maintenance

School Bus Fuel Choices

The majority of school buses in America run on diesel fuel, but those engines are far different today than the ones decades ago that spewed forth dark, black clouds of soot from the exhaust.

Estimates are that about 95 percent of the national fleet of 480,000 school buses still run on diesel, but there is a growing interest in alternative fuels. Informal surveys conducted by School Transportation News indicate that the most widely-used alternative fuel is biodiesel, which commonly range in regular diesel-blend amounts from 2 percent to 20 percent.

CNG appears to be the second-most commonly used alternative fuel for school buses, especially in places like California where the Air Resources Board has required for the past two decades that all new school bus purchases be of the CNG variety. CNG has traditionally been more prevalent on the West Coast, but in recent years the fuel has expanded to the Midwest.

Meanwhile, propane has also gained ground over the past several years, especially in Texas, where the Texas Railroad Commission has introduced big incentives. Originally, propane was looked down upon by school bus operators because the system was installed as an aftermarket kit.

Hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles have also made their way onto the scene but in smaller numbers as about half of the states have at least one hybrid or electric bus in use. At this writing there were less than 1,000 hybrid or plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV) school buses in use nationwide, with the largest fleet in Wisconsin as two school bus contractors combined to run 25 of these vehicles. IC Bus introduced the first PHEV school bus in 2006. The subsidiary of Navistar offers the PHEV using an Enova Systems drive solution and a charge-sustaining hybrid model utilizing an Eaton system.



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